Marc Howard Siegel - The Palm Restaurant

Marc Howard Siegel is a Florida business executive who loves dining out. Like anyone who dines out often he has his favorite restaurants, and knows what qualities to look for that separate the good ones from the not so good ones.

One of his favorite places is the Palm Restaurant, the largest family owned steakhouse chain in the United States, which was opened by restaurateurs Poi Buzzy and John Ginza. "I have had the pleasure of knowing Poi Buzzy over a dining room table and a tennis court," says Marc Howard Siegel, who in addition to enjoying fine dining is also an outstanding tennis player.

Like at any good restaurant, the service at the Palm is excellent. Servers come quickly to the diner's table and greet them, and ask them whether they would like to get started with a drink. The servers there are knowledgeable about the menu, including the daily specials that only appear from time to time, and are able to answer any questions that are put to them about the food and its preparation. It's always a good sign when a server sounds excited about the menu item they describe in scrumptious detail.

The restaurant is also accommodating within reason, which Marc Howard Siegel counts as points in their favor. Chefs as a group are notoriously temperamental and don't always like to make special adaptations to their cuisine when diners ask. 's It’s the little details, and how they all add up, that really make the difference at the Palm, as Marc Howard Siegel knows. These include the great service, the fresh bread and butter that keep on coming, and the fact that the food always comes out at the same time. It all makes for a marvelous experience, and it's easy to understand why he likes the Palm Restaurant so much.

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