Life with the Martians
As the sun rose, the Vaughn family had awaken from their long restless night. The children were up and getting ready for school when all of a sudden the house started shaking and all the picture started falling off the walls. Everyone ran outside and it was a giant spaceship! The Vaughn family slowly start walking toward the ship. The green door of the spaceship opened very quickly and a bunch of human looking aliens came running out!! At first everyone was scared, but the little guys were actually nice. Erica, mother of the children let the little aliens go to school with the children. The kids were so excited they couldn't even sit still! On the way to school we ask the family what their name was, and they said call them the Martians. We finally got to school and when we walked in everyone was looking at them weird. The Vaughn's and Martians walked through the school, and no later than 5 minutes everyone started t0 crowd around. The Vaughn's never felt so famous! The students asked questions all day long until the day was over. We were all exhausted when we got home! We had a snack and the Martians begin to tell us how they lived in space. Their life style wasn't much different from the normal life's we live today. The only thing they didn't know was how to stay groomed and etc. WE had to teach them how to apply toothpaste to the toothbrush and the how to wash their face with a washcloth. The Martians started to feel a lot better when they learned more stuff in the real world. The Sunday night of January came along and the aliens had decided to leave due to missing their family that was left behind . The Vaughn family was very sad . We gave them hugs and after that they got into their spaceship and took off. We would never forget those couple of days with those little  guys again!!!

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