This are my friends. The ones who I really love care, and trust. They make me laugh and feel good. I am lucky to have this 4 friends by my side. well, I have many many friends and I love them all, but like i say, This friends make a very big spot in my heart. We go out to parties together and if we have any problems we help each other. Our moms trust us and let us do sleepovers. sleepovers are super fun! we stay lait at night and do many different thing. I LOVE my friends


This is my lovely family. We are 5 members in the family. i have a brother who is already married and lives in another house with her wife. i have a baby nephew who is 1 year old. counting them it would be 7 members in the family. i really love my sister in law. shes a very nice person with me. A new member of the family is on it's way. Its a baby girl! I am very anxious to see her! with my family we had very tough and happy moments. we had super duper trips.

This is my dog! The one who I love to spend time when I am bored. The animal that I really love that is also part of my family. it's name is Sasha. She is a really inteligent animal. She doesn't pee or do anything dirty in the house. When she wants to go to the restroom she scratches on the door so I open it so she goes outside.

My favorite hobby is playing tennis and volleyball. they are a very nice sport to play. I compete in volleyball and tennis tournaments. Once I won on 5th place on a tennis tournament. I was very nervous because it was my first time I was competing. I play each day at the country club from 5:30-7:00. I also play volleyball in school and we compete with other schools. I love to play sports!

my favorite food is sushi and spaghetti. They are so yummy! I wish it would rain sushi and spaghetti so I can eat all day! I don't eat so often this food because its not healthy. But when I eat it I enjoy it! 

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