Manor or City you choose
by Marcos Perez

Hey peasants and serfs if you had a choice would you live in a city or a manor?

City Life

If you live in the city it was a you had a house which was made of wood.You had no lord you had a mayor, and you were married at the age of 12  started work. At the age of 7 you were an  apprentice for 12 years and took over your fathers work .If you were ill you had family take care of you or had a doctor come and see you .Lastly your economy was based off of trade.Finally there where cathedral schools.

Manor Life

If you lived on a manor you had a wooden house, but if you had money you would have a stone house also important buildings were red sandstone.If you had wheat to grind you went to the mill .You had serfs who skin and stretch leather on the other side of town. You had your church in the middle of the city and had farmland on the outside of the manor. If the lord was wealthy he had a moat around his manor.

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