I am sorry that you don't like me, I am sorry that you are tired of me. I try my hardest to please you and earn your approval, but now I realize that i don't NEED your approval, I just need mine. I have been beaten down so many times and so much you don't even know. I come home happy from my place of refuge, where i can get a better life than all of those people who said i couldn't and that I am too lazy or too weak so I wouldn't. You think you have control over me but you don't have any power, you are just sour. You say my face is ugly but yet it is just limited edition, but you my friend and i call you my friend because i have been raised that i have many brothers and sister standing behind my back, but they are blind so i have to open up their eyes and show them the way but that is not the point you are not me you are just another copyright duplication.You say that I am fragile but i have many layers to my heart, soul, and wonderful mind, you however are feeble, you cry when someone says that you are ugly and then you melt away from your salty tears, why dont you bounce right back and tell them that you are beautiful o the inside and out, i have learned from my mistakes and trust me i have had alot, hopefully one of these day you will too. Let this one be the first.