Marilyn Sheppard Murder Case

Brief Description:

Marilyn Sheppard was killed July 4, 1954. She was brutally beaten to death while her husband Sam was asleep downstairs. Sam was initially convicted of the crime but was later released in 1966 through a federal appeals court. A second suspect in the crime is a "Bushy Haired Intruder" who is considered to be Richard Eberling, he was the Sheppard's window cleaner.

The Mystery:

Who killed Marilyn Sheppard


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The Victim:

Marilyn Sheppard is the victim. She was pregnant at the time, the soon to be baby could also be a victim in the case.

The Suspects:

Dr. Sam Holmes Sheppard

Richard Eberling


Blood left at the crime scene

Marilyn's ring that Eberling stole

Sam's injuries

Other Eberling crimes

Proposed Narrator:

Francis Lee Bailey (Sheppard's Attorney hired during re-trial)

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