Eliminate Poaching!!!

Written Article by. Blake Smtih

"A poacher is a person that is too creedy to care for the defenceless animals they are killing"
                                 ~DNR officals

                      I want the world to know what i feel about poaching in africa and other countries. I would like to begain with when I went to the Bike and Motor show last week we went over to the fishing section and about two stands were selling trips for a poaching adventure. I wish that wasn't allowed in there or anywhere else but i geuss its allowed scene their not in the act. I belive that hunting is somewhat ok but I don't belive in killing wonderful creatures like lions and elephants for money.

                    Killing Whales is a form of poaching too. They are marvelous animals that just swim around doing nothing but then they have a harpon through there heads and being bought for there blubber. I would love to have volunteers to help go on a life/death mission to save these animals and scare poachers away for good. I hope people feel just the same way and want to put a stop to this for good.

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