Nuclear Engineering

AT NC State University

Basic Info

Degree/Major: Nuclear Engineering

College University: NC State University

School Within College: College of Engineering

Department: Nuclear Engineering

Program Information

Semester Hours: 123

Program Focus

The ABET Program Educational Objectives of the BS degree in nuclear engineering prepare graduates to:

  • solve nuclear engineering problems and apply the creative process to nuclear engineering design;
  • perform nuclear engineering tasks and understand the professional and ethical responsibility and accountability for the social and environmental impact of nuclear engineering practices;
  • participate in cross-disciplinary projects;
  • apply written and oral communication skills necessary to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences;
  • apply advances in nuclear engineering practice and research; and,
  • continue to learn and be successful in pursuing graduate and professional education opportunities that are available.

The nuclear engineering program is for people hoping to get into careers where they: "develop designs for nuclear power plants, apply radiation in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, build alternative energy systems, and develop power systems to fuel satellites and deep space probes" (

Course Requirements

  • GED requirements
  • Advanced Communication Elective
  • Nuclear Engineering Electives
  • Technical Electives
  • Engineering Technical Electives

Looking Forward To:

NE 201 - Introduction to Nuclear Engineering; there will be a lot of new and interesting things mentioned in this class.

NE 400 - Nuclear Reactors Energy Conversion; I would love to learn how reactors work and how they create/transform energy.

Not Looking Forward To:

NE 408 - Nuclear Engineering Design Project; Projects scare me and stress me out... a whole class dedicated to a huge project sounds unbelievably stressful.

Advanced Communication Elective; It will most likely either be dealing with writing (possibly technical writing) or English which I wish I did not have to take any more courses on.

Contact Information

Department of Nuclear Engineering:

  • 919.515.2301

Department of Nuclear Engineering
North Carolina State University
2500 Stinson Drive
3140 Burlington Engineering Labs

Raleigh, NC, USA 27695-7909

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