I Just Met My Twin

Create an ending

She went home after I showed her my house. I went to the fridge to make me a sandwich. I looked around for something to do now that I've had my lunch. I looked near the fireplace and I saw a note, I read it and it was from mom. I raced back to the forest where I met Stephanie, turns out she was there too. I showed her the note she showed me her note. We took each other's and read it out loud at the same time. Dear son and daughter I've figured out that you have already found each other and by reading this letter you probably think I am still alive. I hope to see you again I will leave a trail of notes for you to read and follow to find me. Love you guys, Mom. "She's still alive?" I didn't think she was I thought maybe the person who wrote this and brought to our homes was a close friend to mom or dad to know where we live. Only one flaw in that idea was that they got my moms signature correct, I know that because I've seen her signature all around the house. "Oh great a wild goose chase." I said as she looked excited. "I think it'll be fun!" She screamed. I'm guessing she likes mystery.

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