War turns men into savages

The new cultural assumption that William Golding has introduced in Lord of the Flies is that war turns men into savages. Golding shows this through the plot when the boys have to overcome the complication of feeding themselves start hunting animals and even humans. It is clear that the boys have changed for the worst since they arrived, this is shown when they kill one of there so called mates Simon because he doesn’t believe in " the others". This is shown again in the climax when Piggy is killed from being hit by a boulder after it was pushed by one of the kids on the island. This just proves that the boys on the island have completely lost their mind and are becoming really unusual.

At this stage there are a lot of troubles going on in the book between the two groups and certain individuals and they are all losing their minds because they have now been there for a long time and are getting paranoid. I'm extremely excited to keep reading this book because I think it is just starting to come to the climax and will be interesting to see what happens.

I believe the reason Golding has done this is because he is highlighting the issue of men coming back after war and not having support to get them through the battles they faced. Around the time of the book there were a lot of tragedies that had just occurred due to the wars and even though many soldiers had survived the way they had lived and acted over there was very disturbing and traumatising for them. Many of these soldiers were never the same again.

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3 years ago

The underlying message of the boys inability to cope with the scars the war has left them with, and his metaphorical coping strategies that he has had the boys display is a good point too.