Tuesday at Lake
  • Fun Fact: Each date can be read from left to right or right to left this week: 5-11-15, 51215, 51315 ...
  • Regular Schedule
  • AP Exams AM - US Government (NGC)
  • AP Exams PM - Spanish Lit (NGC)/French (MB)
  • School-wide tutorials until 3:15 pm

#EducationLeader #CLPride

Lindy Goodwin was honored as a CCISD Teacher of the Year finalist yesterday. She received $500 provided by the Rotary Clubs in our school district (Space Center, League City and Seabrook)!

#CLExcellence #FutureLeaders

CLHS Businesses Professionals of American competed at BPA Nationals in Anaheim California. For the 2nd time, John Lin got first place in the Nation!