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TRIFECTA GALLERY'S  'Little Room on the Side' shows little jewels. February is no exception for POLYAMOROUS.

Anna Tillet’s rabbits take on awkward teen personas, like floppy-eared counterparts to Napoleon Dynamite. Yearbook poses with nerdy glasses and bad sweaters allow for these furry, high-school alter-egos to bring back memories of clumsy, youthful attempts at love.

Tillet: “I like bunnies. I’m not really sure of the origin, but I’m stuck on them right now. In naming the show Polyamorous, I was alluding to the fact that bunnies have a seemingly uncomplicated love life, and I find a lot of humor in giving my animal characters human complications. Being a prey animal, bunnies evoke a certain vulnerability, and I think viewers identify with that … and furthermore identify with their unique struggles in feeling awkward at love.

“The ‘FML’ [painting] character has an adolescent awkwardness to her. … She definitely has a hard time talking to boys, and her Lisa Frank sticker obsession doesn’t help. I liked the juxtaposition of modern slang and a character with an ’80s sensibility.”

by JENESSA KENWAY  from the First Friday Roundup. January 30 Las VegasCITYLIFE

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