Tyler And I!

you had me at hello!

I love every second we spend together and you're just perfect for me!

I Love You!

You're the reason why I smile!

You are the best thing that has ever came into my life and i am so thankful that you did!

I love every thing about you!

I love that we have so much in common! I love that you are in 4-H and FFA, that you hunt, fish and farm. That your a country boy and your all I ever wished for or wanted in a guy. That you treat a girl right with respect. That you don't ditch me for your friends. That you are you complete self with me. That we can talk about anything or talk for hours and there's never a dull moment. That you can always make me smile no matter what. That you want to spend time with me and you always tell me what your thinking or feeling. That we have the same thoughts about things. That you don't just say I love you, you also prove it. That you're always there for me and you stand up for me.

and that you're my best friend!

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