Augmented Reality App: Find my Car

SOCI13454G Cybernation: Understanding Technology

"Augmented reality is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data." Apps that use augmented reality allow the user to use the app to make it easier to locate restaurants, office, stores and in my case my car. The app that I chose to download was the "Find My Car" app. There are many apps that offer this type of service but ultimately I find that this one was the easiest and most accurate app. The app can be downloaded at



Easy to Use-This app is very simple and easy to navigate. As you can see from the picture below by clicking the top you confirm and save the location of your car. On the the bottom is the where you click to find the distance from where you are to your car.

Two Methods: There are two different formats that can be downloaded with this app. There is the free and simple version and there is the version that costs 0.99 and offered a more enhanced augmented reality option.

Accuracy: To see how accurate this app really was I downloaded and used it myself. The distance and the steps to get to my car were right and down to the point accurate. I took a detour to see how it would react and it re-directed the route to get me to my car.



No Picture Option: There are apps that allow you to take a picture of your car and location of where it is. This app does not have this option.

No Security: This app can be opened by anyone and currently does not have any privacy settings. If you were to lose your phone anyone would be able to locate your car.

Battery: Lastly I noticed that this app tends to take a chunk out of my battery life. Although it is understandable that to power the app some energy is needed, if your phone is close to dead you would be unable to use the app for long to find your car.


I think this app could be improved by offering a picture option and increasing the security. By offering the picture option it will give customers the ability to visually picture their car and also have the reinforcement of the GPS directions. The app could also be improved by having some type of password security setting. So if the phone was lost or stolen the person would not be able to see where the car is.

There is a future for this app because of how helpful and accurate it is. Many people have the problem of losing the location of their car in big parking lots, street parking lots, etc. This app can be used by people who have cars, motorcycles and bikes. By making the simple improvements on the app I think this app will be very popular.



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