Desginer de la mode

A list of words you should be familiar with:

Colors:  couleurs

Texture:  la texture

fashion: Le mode

fabric: le tissue

sketch: croquis

The qualities that make a person successful at this profession:




The educational path for the profession:

You must hold an undergraduate degree in fashion design. Three is different degrees you can get according to how far you want to get for example: Associate's degree programs in fashion design are 2-year programs that equip students with fundamental, technical design skills, such as tailoring, sewing and basic fashion theories. Bachelor's degree programs generally last four years and tends to offer more extensive career training, combining technical coursework with artistic and conceptual instruction. Courses may include fashion drawing, 3-D design, color theory, textiles, computer-aided design, fashion business and portfolio presentation. Another must is Hands-on training and industry exposures are essential for obtaining employment in fashion design.

The salary range for the profession

According to the BLS, the median annual salary for these professionals in 2012  was $62,860.

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