Top 10 fast food restaurants in the U.S.

Tenth most popular fast food restaurant in the U.S. is Chick-Fil-A With sales of 4.05 billion a year.

Ninth KFC with sales of 4.5 billion per year.

Eighth is pizza hut with sales of 5.4 billion per year.

Seventh is Dunkin' Donuts with sales of 5.93 billion per year.

Sixth is Taco Bell with sales of 6.8 billion per year.

Burger King is the fifth most popular fast food restaurant in the U.S. With sales of 8.4 billion per year.

Fourth is Wendy's, this fast food restaurant has an estimated sale of 8.5 billion a year.

In third is Starbucks with sales up to 9.75 billion dollars per year.

Second is subway with sales up to 11.4 billion dollars per year.

McDonald is the most popular fast food in the U. S. With sales up to 34.2 billion dollars a year.