Specifications of Glaze Tile Roll Forming Machine

glazed tile roll forming machine, supply all kinds of forming machine as per customers' requirements

A.Main technical parameter

1.manual decoiler:manual expansing,passive uncoil
2.weight capacity of deociler:5T
3.machine stand:welded structure steel
4.type of forming machine:single station with chain transmission
5.material of roll forming machine:high grade 45 steel
6.surface of roller coated with chrome 0.05mm thickness
7.type of cutting:hydraulic cutting
8.line speed:6m/min
9.material of blade:Cr12
10.press module material:40Cr(nitrogen treated)
11.heat treatment of cutting blade:HRC58-60
12.Computer adopt PLC control,Mitsubishi

B.Technical process:
Manual decoiler---feed with guide---roll forming---press step---cut with fixed length---output with table

Manual decoiler,main roll forming machine,press module,hydraulic cutting device,hydraulic station,PLC computer control,output table

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