Tips to Choose Best Health Insurance Plan in India

Good health is no longer a privilege; it is a necessity. Keeping this fact in mind, most of us take best efforts to maintain good health. No matter whatever nutrition advice we follow, or whatever healthcare precautions we take, the chances of falling ill or getting hospitalized due to unexpected medical conditions is high.

Severe medical conditions require professional health care or hospitalization. To overcome the financial crisis caused by such conditions, a health insurance policy is recommended. However, there are numerous health policies available in the market. So, how do you choose which is the best one to suit your needs?

After approaching several health-care experts, we have managed to shortlist these few tips to choose the best health insurance plan available in the market. It is listed as follows:

1> Choose Basic Plan

If you are unaware of the world of health insurance, then you should stick with the basics. Always choose a plan that offer basic hospitalization cover for emergency medical conditions. Similarly, choose the add-ons wisely before you choose a comprehensive plan.

2> Do Not Compare Premiums

Comparing policy quotes is a wise practice if you are looking forward to pick the best policy in the market. However, do not make the mistake of comparing premiums before buying. Why? Because premiums vary according to the covers subscribed, thus it is not advisable to do such comparison.

3> Check out the renewal age

Imagine you have dependent parents to take care of. Several insurers do not provide health insurance in India to people above 60 or 65 years of age. Be aware of this fact and choose a health insurance policy that offers higher renewal age.

4> Look for Company’s credibility

If you are getting a higher cover for lower premium, then it is advisable to check the claim settlement ratio. Always choose a company with higher claim settlement ratio as you will have an assurance that your claim will get sanctioned.