The Perspective of the Crusades from the Byzantine

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1. Christians knew Jerusalem as the holy land; and the Byzantines were Christians. Dealing with this a possible reason why Jerusalem was important to the Byzantine was because of their religion as of what I have read or processed they were Christian, as Jerusalem was is the holy land during this period the conquest of Jerusalem would let their pilgrims to have a safe way to the holy land

2. A reason t the inbolment of the crusades might have been that Jerusalem was once part of the Byzantine Empire and was lost and took this chance to take back the land. Other reasons are extremely likely but I’m not sure.

3. Two of the invents that I will mention that had effects like anything really was how during the crusade the Byzantine were attacked, their city beauty chattered as its goods were stolen and god was disrespected by what they called barbarians. They also took regained some lost territory and took hold of Jerusalem making them a target; as there was a large portion of reconquered of Jerusalem hey probably lost the area again.

4. Well the people who attacked their precious city were characterized as barbarians so those people were most likely thought to be inferior to their civilization. The Byzantine to the Christians weren’t really enemies neither were they allies either as they both had their changes to the religion or the value of the pope was also different. So I would say they might have been equals may be lowers. The Muslim conquered areas of the Byzantine empire, but the Byzantine had no bad feelings towards them due to this, but they might have been inferior as at what I can recall from somewhere in this pages that Mr.Burruel put as links is that this areas were reconquered kind of easily so the Muslim could have been treated as inferior or an equal dealing that the Byzantine accepted the Muslims religion that the Muslim fallowed. For the Jews they might have been inferior to them as they might have perceived them as barbarians

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