Texas Oil Project

By: Marissa Friedman

Spindletop Strike

  It all started on January 10, 1901 when  Anthony Lucas hit the largest reserve of oil the world has ever seen. The Spindletop well produced roughly around 70,000 to 100,000 barrels per day. Shortly after the Spindletop Strike, the oil industries were booming. This affected the Beaumont area because the population increased dramatically.

Other Major Oil Discoveries  

  There was many other major oil discoveries in Texas that helped with the start of the oil industry/boom. One of the oil discoveries in Texas was in 1866 Nacogdoches County, Texas. The Melrose Petroleum Oil company drilled Texas's first successful oil well. Another oil discovery in 1894 Corsicana, Texas. The drilling in Corsicana encouraged drilling in East Texas which obviously promotes working for the oil industries in Texas.

Oil Products

Social Changes that occurred during the boom in oil industry

The oil boom in 1920's and the 1930's caused a huge growth in Texas. What was the quiet, rural areas in Texas soon transformed into a place with many oil derricks. One of the social effects that was caused because of the boom in the oil industry was the enormous boost in the population.  Another social effect was the increase in jobs which also helped boosted the economy.

The educational effects of the boom in the oil industry

  The oil industry helped provide great support to public education in Texas.  An example of how the oil industry had a positive impact on public education was when the oil industry benefitted many of the students at the universities of Texas by donating a generous amount of money to the schools. The University of Texas and Texas A&M received millions of dollars in oil profits. Oil industries helped develop a better education for Texas by building more schools to educate the students of Texas.

Effects we still see today because of the Spindletop strike

  There is many effects we still see today because of the oil boom caused by the discovery in Spindletop, Texas. An effect we caused by the Spindletop strike is transportation. All the automobiles you see everyday are powered by oil. The roads we still drive on  everyday are made from oil. Lastly for the transportation effects is airplanes. Airplanes are powered by oil based jet fuel. Also, because of oil we have plastic products that we use on a daily basis that are made from oil based chemicals.

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