Google Tips & Tricks

Use these tips and you will become a pro Google searcher!


If you are searching for a definition then you can refine your search by adding the word “define” with a colon like this [define: computer]. This will give you result which holds definition of the word only.


When you type in "movie: Utah" or another location, it will bring up all the movie theaters or movies that are playing in that area.


Due to high frequency of natural disasters around the world. Google has made this shortcut to provide information about earthquake and related activities from all over the world.

Fill in the Blanks

Due to shortage of time, mostly a machine is required that replies with our less efforts. This shortcut is one contribution of Google to provide accessibility without less effort. Now you need to write only the initials of the information with a asterisk sign and the Google will fill the blank itself.

Zip Code

This is very helpful for those who works in postal services. This tool will tell you the location of the zip code. You just have to write the zip code in the search engine.

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