Todd Loik

A Canadian teen pushed to the limits.

Todd Loik

Todd had been being bullied no stop and on the night that he had committed suicide he had got a text from one of those bully's and his mom had told him to forget about it but he didn't because the next morning Todd's mom found him on the floor of his house in North Battleford, northwest of Saskatoon. Todd's mom was saying that she had no idea why they had been bullying him he was just a normal 15 year old kid that was trying to fit in.

My Opinion

Well my opinion is that this should of never happened because he had done nothing wrong he was a normal kid who wanted to grow up to be a welder. This kind of stuff needs to stop because buying should just not happen at all let alone have people died. Bullying is not cool we should not have to lose lives over bullying. For all the people that are out there bullying its not cool you are making people lose there lives over the littlest stuff but that little stuff really hurts you and you can tell no not only because of Todd because a lot of people have committed suicide.

Well some of the ways to prevent people from even thinking about bullying.

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