Create either a Padlet or a Tackk to share the information you gain from the flipped work this week. We used Padlet in class this week, and I have created a very simple Tackk to share with you. You may create your very own Tackk. They are free and fairly easy to use.

Post your list of the top 10 bits of important information you can take from the Urban Institute site about parents being their child's first teacher. Can you make your Tackk or Padlet more interesting than your neighbors' version?

Below I have linked a video about parent involvement. It is short, but offers quality info. Take a look.

What were the top 10 take aways you found at the Family Engagement and Support site? Why did you choose those specific take aways?

You will share your Padlet or your Tackk with the class next week. Make sure you proofread your work carefully. Make your presentation of the information interesting.

Share your responses requested about the Parents as Teachers group/site. You probably noticed I used photos of very young children. The time, energy, and thought processes invested with the very young children will pay dividends seen by the K12 teachers. It is critical for us to help educate all families about the importance of their involvement in the education of their children, and assist them in understanding how to best achieve the results they desire.

Remember to create your parent involvement plan. Maybe you can find a creative way to share it with us. I challenge you to explore the possibilities. Below are some possibilities.

There are a multitude of other ways to share your plan with us. Your creativity and the time you have available to explore your options are the only barriers you have in finding ways to share with us.

Remember to check Blackboard to make sure you have completed all work for the week. Enjoy your weekend!