What I expect from Intro to Special Ed.

My friend Dylan and I. I grew up with Dylan and have learned much from our friendship

I am very excited for this class. I decided to write my letter using tackk because I have never used it before! I think this class is going to be great to learn how to better teach and interact kids with special needs. I have plenty of preconceived notions about special needs learners. I think very highly of special needs learners. I spent two years with group called YoungLife Capernaum, who worked with special needs learners. From my involvement with that group, I made many friends with special needs who I still spend time with to this day. Even though I have spent a lot of time with special need students, I plan to open my mind and learn a lot from this course. I think that is how I will excel.  I expect that I will go out of my comfort level often, be a good friend, and most of all, never stop learning. I think those things will make me a good teacher as well. This class is going to help me use creativity to teach. Creativity is under-rated in my culture, and I have experienced thoughts of doubt when think creativity doesn't get me anywhere in this world, but this class will teach me to do just that! I am very eager and ready to learn. Likewise, I am very eager to start teaching someday.

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