One word to describe the Industrial Revolution - helpful

Barrett Rodgers. 5th hr Mrs. Mason

Industrial Revolution

My one word to describe the Industrial Revolution would definitely be helpful. I would describe it as helpful because the Industrial Revolution helped what we have today. Machine wise. If people back then hadn't of done that then we wouldn't be where we are today. We kept evolving and evolving to point where we had all this machinery to make modern items we use today. Such as phones, cars, trains, air planes, kitchen appliances, etc. My point is if no one would've did anything to speed up the process of sewing or trying to get to places faster then we wouldn't be where we are because all of that helped us make our society and yet, we are still evolving. We are the future of people in the past and we will soon to be the past of the future. Who knows? We may be considered the Industrial Revolution in the future. Because in future there will be so many improvements and our elderly community are already so fascinated with iPhones, computers, and transportation. Soon that will be us. Just wait.

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