Baytown Home Fire Preparedness


  • To prepare people for fires
  • How to detect fires
  • How to avoid fires and counter them
  • Install at least 2000 smoke detector systems in homes
  • By installing smoke detectors, it'll cut the risk of someone dying in half
  • Teach how to be safe from fires
  • Will teach the youth, community about fires
  • How to evaluate if a smoke detector goes off

Volunteer Needs/Opportunities

  • Need to know how to install smoke detectors
  • How to educate and document fires
  • How to be safe when there is a fire

Funding                                                                            People Served By The Organization

  • American Red Cross                                        *  The People Of The Baytown Area/                                                                                             Neighborhoods in need

By Andrew Vay ,Ayannah,Carmela

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