100 Tons of Supplies to Fight Ebola Sent to West Africa                                                By Liz Szabo                                                                                                                  Published: September 21, 2014


Ideals                                                                                                             Democracy and Opportunity

Summary of Story/ Link                                                                                                        Literally tons of supplies are being sent to countries in Africa like Liberia and Sierra Leone that have been infected with the deadly disease known as Ebola. The supplies that are being shipped include gloves, masks, gowns, goggles, saline, antibiotics, oral rehydration solution and pain killers. Ebola, a disease that causes severe vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding as well as excruciating pain, has already been responsible for 5,335 cases in five countries and 2,622 deaths, not including all unreported cases. Because the disease is growing at an exponential rate, many countries originally attempted to isolate themselves from West Africa, but instead decided to help the counties in need of aid. Ebola could spread to other countries if it is not stopped soon.

Ideals Related to This Story                                                                                           Democracy and Opportunity are related to this story because as soon as the countries realized that West African needed immediate help the government and the people had to make a decision whether or not to rush to the aid of the countries effected by Ebola which might risk the disease spreading to other countries and parts of the world. The U.S. has the opportunity to stop the disease before it becomes world wide and to help the thousands of people in West Africa effected by Ebola.

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