Aquarium Design


Angelfish are tropical freshwater fish. They come in varieties of colors. They are peaceful with the same sized fish as them, but they are shy and need plenty of cover areas. They need things such ass plants with slender leaves. These fish eat aquatic ocean crustaceans. They live in 76 - 86F water. They  also grow up to 6 inches.

Mickey Mouse Platy

They are active,peaceful,schooling fish that mix well with other community fish. They live in 72-82F water. They also can grow up to 3 inches. They are commonly called: Golden Moon Platy, Mickey Mouse Platy, Moonfish. They originated in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. They go along very well with The Angelfish temperature and feeling wise.

Tank  Features

The tank volume is 6.2ft and needs 46.875 gallons and needs about 2 bags of gravel. It needs to be about 2 inches thick. It has 2 plants that are $4 each. It also has 1 plant that is $10. It has a Craggy Sea Rock that is $55, and a Coral with flowers that is $45.  The tank has a medium sized filter that is $70, one heater that is $36, and one light that is $50. The fish equation for the total fish cost 10a+2b =$20.00. A= Mickey Mouse platy; B=Angelfish

Cassidy Zellner &Dustin Pursley

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