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Ecuador's capital is Quito (pictured above).

In 2009 the population was 13.6 million.

Spanish in Ecuador takes three forms; Andean, Amazonian, and Equatorial Spanish. Andean Spanish is similar to the Spanish spoken in Peru and Bolivia, Amazonian Spanish comes from/is influenced by the indigenous tribes of the region. Spanish varies slightly from north to south.

Ecuador uses the US dollar as currency.

Yasuní is Ecuador's largest mainland park, located southeast of Quito. Quito also has the old town, a historical center. Quilotoa is also something you don't want to miss. It's a crater lake, formed when a volcano erupted.

Foods, Drinks, and Sayings

Some sayings in Ecuador are:

-precio de huevo: meaning-cheap as an egg

-guambra: meaning-a child/kid

-biela: meaning-beer

Some popular foods/drinks are:

Cuy: A guinea pig. This is a popular dish in the Northern Sierra

Jugo natural: A freshly squeezed juice which has many variations

Llapingachos: Normal cheese and potato patties

Climate/Geography and Holidays   

Ecuador is one of the more diverse places in the world. It has mountains, plains, and jungles. Ecuador usually stays at a good temperature, about 80 degrees for the high, and about 68 degrees for the low year-round.

Ecuador's Independence day is an important day for the people of Ecuador. They have celebrated their 205th anniversary of freedom on August 10. They had been ruled by King Ferdinand VII until Napoleon overthrew him. Napoleon give the title to his brother, Joseph. The people of Ecuador revolted and took their independence on August 10, 1809. This is important because this made Ecuador a free country.

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