Comparing Estimates

Third Quarter Math Project by Travis Barekman
Due Date: February 6th, 2014

What do I do in this project?

In this project I had to ask at least 25 people that were in sixth grade or older. My question was How many people live in Canada? I thought most people would guess too high because Canada is very big but does not have many people.

I interviewed Daniel
I interwiewed Debbie

How well did people guess?

16 people's guesses were too high and 14 people's guesses were too low. The real answer was 35,158,000. The highest guess was 550 million by Kendra (11 years old). The lowest guess was Anna T. (11 years old). The most accurate was Luz (12 years old), and she guessed 34 million. Her guess was 3.4% too low. My prediction that more people would guess high than low was correct, but very close to the number of people that guessed too low. I thought the difference would be more dramatic and that almost nobody would guess too low.

I interviewed Sasha

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