By Nafis Conix

Crossroads@Meade Computer Science Class Project

"Day in the lift project" 28 January 2015

What I did on the snow day was wake up and went in the  shower.Brush my teeth and I went back to sleep.Than, I got up and smelled that my mom made me breakfast.And I went up stairs to go and play my game for a couple hours.I was play online with my friends on GTA 5 & 2K15.

Then I went to the store and got me a cheese take and snacks around 12:00.Then turn on the t.v. to watch my favorite shows.Shows like, ESPN,NBA GAMETIME,and the Pj's.Then I went on my phone to watch some vine video.And talked to some people on oovoo.

While I was on my phone I was on kik texting my friends about some funny thing.Then on twitter they where taking about the new people need to get their information right.Because it was sopuly 6 ton 8 inches of snow when it was only like 1 inch.Then I wash my cloths for school tomorrow.Then eat dinner and went to bed.