Awesome Volcanoes!

by: Katelyn

      A volcano is a hole or a crack in the earth's crust. The magma that is in the earth's surface and gets really hot because it is in a magma chamber under the ground. It is SO HOT it boils but the magma is still in the ground. The boiling magma gets so hot that it pushes its way up through the vent then up to the volcano. The hill has a little hole in the top called a crater. After an eruption that lava that comes out of the volcano cools off and turns into rock. The more this happens the more igneous rock builds on top of the old lava and makes more land. Some volcanoes can be helpful to farmers because some have soil because farmers can grow crops.

A Picture Of A Volcano And Its Parts

This is a diagram of a volcano with labels.

   Some volcanoes don't even erupt they are called dormant and if it doesn't erupt for a long time then it becomes extinct. That is where they don't erupt at all!!!!!!!!!!

Some volcanoes can be dormant and might never erupt again EVER!!!!

Where Some Amazing Volcanoes Are

   Volcanoes happen on the edge of the Pacific Ocean mainly because that is where the ring of fire is. Some volcanoes can make islands like Hawaii and maybe other places are probably made by a volcano. In Hawaii there is a volcano called Kilauea that doesn't stop erupting and it could destroy a village.

This is a picture of where the ring of fire is.

What Does A Volcano Do?

   Volcanoes can cause an awful lot of damage to the people and cities by the volcano. Volcanoes can be dangerous it can burn a lot of forest it touches. Ash and dust can block off the sun to make it dark and if people don't have a umbrella and if they were outside they would be in danger because if they breath in the ash they could die.

This is a volcano that likes to erupt.

A Real Video Of A Volcano Erupting LIVE

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