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WEEK 48/Album 48

Who: Modest Mouse - "Good News For People That Love Bad News"

When: April 2004

Why: A moment in time record. In the Spring of 2004, I decided that I was going to go live in Tampa, Florida with a  bunch of college buddies.  This record was the soundtrack to that move, and to the time spent there.

Where: I have never seen Modest Mouse live.

Float on, due south.

While I was aware of Modest Mouse, I never really got into them. That was until "Good News" came out.  I had left my life in Cleveland for a change. I wasn't happy in my situation so I decided that I wanted to be closer to my friends.  In March of 2004, I packed up my Oldsmobile Achieva, and headed to sunny Tampa, Florida.  My buddy John had rented a house in a tiny city called Safety Harbor and it was time to start a new life.

Upon arriving to Tampa, Modest Mouse released the single "Float On"  and it struck a cord with me.  The song, and then the entire album, spoke to me while in was in Florida.  It was a feeling of being content in my life choices, and a new fresh start.  Blasting the record driving 10 minutes to the beaches became normal.  While my time in Tampa was brief, and although I chased the ghosts of my past back to Cleveland, I still cherish those times, with those people.

This record isnt really about the band, it really just reminds me of my time in Tampa with my friends.  Making it through 3 Hurricanes, a flooded city and living without water and food for a little while.  Driving 30 min to work in a car with no AC. Meeting new friends, that I still have to this day.  Having a hockey team to cheer for, and watching them win a championship.  This record brings all of those great memories back.  

While I never really became a big Modest Mouse fan, I still love this record and it still brings me back to the smell of the beach, and the great times.