Easter Island

-Where is your destination?(Where is it near?)No capital,near chile.
-What is the capital city?santiago is the capital of chile.
-What are some other major cities?inhabited island
-Where are the main airports?4200 Genesee st,buffalo N.Y
-What big or famous attractions are there? None
-What is the annual average temperature?61 F to 81 F but rarely below 56 F or above 83 F.
-When is the best (think about the temperature you enjoy )average temperature?Oct.
What is the annual average rainfall?No rainfall.
-When is lowest rainfall?No rainfall
-I will be leaving at  8:00a.m I will be there at 3:15p.m.The flight will take 31 hours and 15 min.I will be staying in santiago,chile,at the Hyatt Place Santiago/vitacura
-Cost Of Transport To The Airport/Car Parking At The Airport?
No Cost Because I'm Taking The Bus And Or Taxi.
-Cost Of Flight?

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3 years ago

A couple corrections, but good start. The attraction is those big heads which are called Moai. You are right that our major airport is the Buffalo Niagara airport, but I think it is asking for the one you would fly into Chile. Finally, the word is uninhabited not inhabited. Inhabited means that there are people living there. Uninhabited means the opposite.