Beyond the Blackboard: Analysis
Carter and Nicole

Mrs. Stacy, a new and up coming teacher, landed a job at a no named school for homeless children.  When she started working there the children were boisterous and rowdy.  Mrs. Stacy responded with that with brute force teaching.  She was yelled at the children, but she soon realized that it wasn't working.  As time progressed she began to care for the children and use new teaching methods.  The children flourished and learned more efficiently when Mrs. Stacy began to teach with more calm and direct teaching methods.  Stacey Bess went to extensive measures to change the school system for the benefit of the homeless children.  She talked to many different people that ran the school system in order for the homeless children to attend public school.  The parents at the shelter at first hindered their children's learning because they were opposed to there kids spending all day at school.  But then after a while the parents warmed up to it and helped the program out by helping refurbish the class room and making the study room.  Stacey Bess changed the life of all the children and ultimately changed the school system.  

Mrs. Stacey Bess and her Class

How Teachers Influence Students Learing

Teachers play the leading role in a child's education.  Young students learn better when their teacher is enthusiastic about learning and treats their kids with respect.  For example when Mrs. Stacey  first began teaching, she was a little on the rude side. Which led to the students being uncooperative to learn.  After she gained some experience she realized if she was excited and friendly during class the students would be more willing to learn.  

The Real Stacey Bess

How Parents Influence Students Learning

Although parents don't teach children directly, they do effect their child's education greatly.  Parents are the ones who motivate their children to work hard in school and to do their homework.  At first in the movie the parents of the students were not cooperative and did not like the idea of their child being gone all day and having homework.   That led to the students being less motivated to work in school.  Soon after the parents realized what good Mrs. Bess was doing for them they quickly started supporting the learning.  The parents started a PTO and did a lot of good for the children.  They started a study hall out of school as well as even helping out in the classroom.   

How Peers Influence Students Learning

The other students play a major factor in a child's education.  We all think of peer pressure as a bad thing but let's say one child is working hard and being enthusiastic about learning, then the others around him will work harder.  In the beginning of the movie the students were not willing to learn and were mean to each other.  One student even crumpled up another girl's homework.  Then one student started to buy into learning and the rest followed.

Stacey And Her Students Singing

The Real Stacey Bess Interview

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