golfing tips
By: caden
golf clubs

Golfing clubs are made in many ways. Some are for kids some for woman and some for men. But, mainly there are four main ones putter,iron,wood and driver. A driver is the first one you use on the course. It is made for a long range shot. The company that makes the best drivers is [I think] is Taylor made. A wood is a club not for a long distance. But,the next one down from the driver. A iron is made for a really close shot {but not on the green}. Putter is made for putting on the green into the hole.


Each field is different from each other one. Part of the field is called a faraway it is in the middle of the field between the green and place where you hit first. A green has a hole. {where you need your ball in that hole}


1. When you are in a sand pit you can not touch the sand unless you hit the ball and if you do touch the sand it is a stroke.

2.If you get it out of bounds {the tall grass} it is a stroke.

3. If you get into the water like if it sinks because sometimes it bounces off the water and if it did sink then it is a counts as a stroke and you got to put a ball where you hit last.

4.If you get it stuck in a tree it counts as a stroke but where the tree is where you hit from.

The score

The score is you want the least strokes. You have a scorecard and it keeps track of each amount of strokes you get one each hole. You count the front nine. Then the back nine you add the back nine strokes. Then whoever has the less strokes wins.