Created by Emma Larson & Kaitlyn Magnuson



Red represents the blood of our enemies that have tried to overcome the almighty Richard Malum and his everlasting country.

Black represents the secrets that are hidden in Caelum.

White represents the innocence and happiness of our citizens.

The reflected crescent moon represents our opposing views on the corrupted world and the countries around us.

Constitution of Caelum

Constitution of Caelum



The name of this country will be Caelum.



The purpose of this country is to provide…

Valued citizens who can support and continue on the great race of the Caelumites the tools that are needed for them to live a successful and peaceful life. We strive for our citizens to grow in their knowledge and strength so that they may live long, healthy, and happy lives.

Power is bestowed to the almighty Richard Malum, who leads us all to accomplish great feats so that our country continues in its brilliance and light.

Our leader, Richard Malum, shows the world that knowledge and strength IS power.


You must be born in Caelum to be a citizen, those who live outside of Caelum’s borders are corrupt and only wish to harm our citizens.

You must be athletic and intelligent to ensure the legacy of our great country as strong and brilliant, both in mind and in body.

All citizens will attend school until they receive their doctorate. If they don’t obtain high marks on all their progress reports, they will be ordered by law to enrolled at an Enrichment Camp.

As a requirement for all citizens, when they turn the age of thirteen they will undergo an assessment, named the Intelligence Assessment, that will test their intelligence and obedience to serve Richard Malum. If low marks are received, the citizen will be sent to Enrichment Camp to be educated in ways best adjusted to their situation.

As a citizen of Caelum, it is required to be reassessed every five years in their intelligence after the first assessment when they were aged thirteen. Failure to be reassessed will result in restrictions.


Richard Malum is our supreme and amazing chief in command. He will always guide us in the correct way and can do no wrong. We know he loves us and we love him. There are people who are resentful of our country and leader, resulting in Richard Malum to only be in the presence of those he trusts most and the members of his hand-picked Supreme Arm Guard.

To prevent the chance of an individual trying to take over our beautiful country, only the descendants of Richard Malum I, can ever command and lead Caelum. No matter which Richard Malum is our leader, he leads us to the best of his ability and always makes the right choices to benefit all of his citizens. We are forever indebted to Richard Malum I and still are to his descendants.

Caelum is not only protected and overseen by Richard Malum but also by the Supreme Arm Guard, who are personally chosen by Richard Malum himself to protect all citizens from the evil outside world and themselves.


The government, named the Imperium, promises to ensure protection and health throughout the lives of our citizens as as long as they follow our laws. Citizens meeting our requirements will receive free education until they obtain their doctorate. The people of Caelum must go through testing every five years to ensure their minds as well as their bodies are being used to their full capability to serve Richard Malum.


  1. Murder of another fellow citizen is the highest account of treason and will be treated as the Justice Court seems fair.
  2. Failure to be reassessed in the Intelligence Assessment with result in immediate consequences.
  3. All citizens are required to be employed, if a citizen is dismissed from their occupation or have yet to find one in a time frame of three months they will be assigned a job chosen by the Imperium.
  4. All students, when beginning their high school education are required to pick a field of study, no studying outside of their selected fields will be permitted.
  5. Women are not allowed to seek medical assistance that will terminate their pregnancy, all lives are sacred in order to continue on the race of the Caelumites.
  6. Only the female population are allowed to be unemployed until their children reach the age of five.
  7. No citizen is allowed to retire until they reach the age requirement of sixty-five years old for our leader’s work is never ending and so should his citizens’ be.
  8. All citizens are required to treat one another justly and fairly; no citizen is allowed to show cruelty to their peers.
  9. No imports from outer regions are allowed within the borders of Caelum; any citizen caught with any form of imports will be fined immediately.
  10. For the safety of all citizens, everyone is permitted to a section. Nobody is allowed to leave their area unless it is for business. They must have a letter of confirmation.


All citizens will have free education from primary school to their final year in university. Those who don’t have a desire to receive an education will not considered worthy of living in Caelum and being a Caelumite. They will be sent out of Caelum to live elsewhere.


The symbol for this country is a reflected white crescent moon to symbolize the purity and happiness of our citizens but also represents how through our first leader, Richard Malum I, our country has turned away from the corruption of the world. The black base color of our flag stands for the secrets and strategies within Caelum that are made to protect our citizens. The red symbolizes our country's enemies that we have overcome in order to create Caelum.


The great and prosperous Richard Malum, no matter if he is the first or the forty-fifth in the Malum lineage will be the reigning leader of Caelum.

Richard Malum

Characteristics and Abilities

Richard Malum I and his reigning descendants all inherit the same characteristics. They are all strong both in mind and body and they are far more intelligent than any human could hope to be. They are tall and muscular in build; they all inherit dark hair and kind eyes. They are just and fair to their people and will always be protective of them. They have strong, projectile voices that echo throughout Caelum, bringing strength and happiness to all their citizens. Their handsome, smooth faces bring reassurance to all citizens, bringing more light into their lives.

The Malums' Story

In the year 2150 the world was in shambles, completely corrupt, and destroying all humanity to the point of breaking. Then the War happened, the Great War; every man was for himself and not only were neighbors against each other but the sky was against the world as meteors rained down, burning and destroying everything in their path.

Then out of the wreckage and devastation came a savior, the savior. Richard Malum I was only a young man but his intelligence and strength reached far further than mind and body, than any ordinary human being. He gathered the survivors, all those who were worthy, and brought them to a beautiful paradise by the sea. From the dust of a corrupt and crumbling world he built Caelum, heaven on earth.

Richard Malum I fought in the Great War, defending the weak, he never turned against the innocent and always fought to do what was right. He was born and lived in barren lands where he fought to survive and to protect his family who all sadly perished in the war. He created Caelum with the purest intentions and sought to give his citizens everything they needed and desired. He gave them education, in the hope that they could just reach the intelligence he possessed.

He passed all his knowledge to his son, Richard Malum II, and on and on the tradition continues. Caelum was led, is led, and will always be led by the almighty blood of the first Richard Malum as the blood still flows through his descendants veins. Each son possesses Richard Malum’s traits; intelligence, strength, fairness, and justice. The Malums' strength and intelligence only grows stronger as their lineage grows longer.

National Anthem

Hail, Richard Malum!

the creator of Caelum, our safe haven and our home.

We raise our hands and hearts to praise our almighty leader who saved

us from the corrupt and shields us from the weak.

We are strong, we are just, to please the Malums.

They are kind and powerful to which we strive to be the same.

Hail, Richard Malum!

We, as Caelumites, use our knowledge and strength to bring Caelum and our leader, power to overcome the corrupt.

We, as Caelumites, promise to serve our leader until our final breath.

Our strength and intelligence all descends from the Malums.

Praise to Richard Malum who keeps our land prosperous and peaceful.

Hail, Richard Malum!

Who protects our freedom and our land from the bountiful seas to the gleaming towers of our cities.

Richard Malum, keep our country safe from the corrupt and merciless,

Keep our minds focused and protected from all those who wish to destroy us.

Our love and praise goes to Richard Malum, who will always be our savior.

Hail, Richard Malum!

Propaganda Posters

The Underground and Enrichment Camp

         In Caelum, the Justice Court determines what befalls on citizens who have broken sacred laws and endanger all their surrounding community. They created the Underground, a facility beneath Caelum that specializes in disciplining those over the age of eighteen who have jeopardized their lives as well as their fellow citizens. In ways fit to their crime they teach and discipline the culprits the proper way to follow laws and live peacefully in Caelum. Richard Malum himself visits the Underground to speak directly to those who have broken his laws. He speaks peacefully with them as he properly corrects their unlawful behavior. Each lawbreaker has their own room where they sleep and shower, in the mornings they are woken up and their training begins.They are taught the laws once again and must truly understand the significance of the law they broke and the harm they caused not only their community but Caelum itself. The Justice Court decides when to release the culprits back into society; they must understand all the laws perfectly and never again break them.

       Under the guidance of Richard Malum II, the Imperium and the Justice Court created the Enrichment Camp. Children that have come of age who have failed their Intelligence Assessment are required to attend this camp. Instructors are hired personally by Richard Malum to reeducate these children in any way possible. They attend six hours of schooling for five days a week and their extracurricular activities aid them further in becoming more educated. On Saturday and Sunday they are allowed to roam the grounds of the camp freely, interacting with the other children so that they may share their knowledge. Five children share a chamber, each with their own bed and shower. The mess hall is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The children are in a safe environment as they gain in their knowledge and wait patiently to re-enter into society.

Caelum Propaganda Video

Group: Emma Larson, Kaitlyn Magnuson, Rebecca Hernandez, and Noelle Marquez

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