Caelyn Ricks

Day 1:

Today I came to 3D printing camp for the first time. We got to know where everything is and what to do and what not to do. We also got to build our own little sculpture either out of clay or out of lego. We could either build our house or a famous monument. I made 2 monuments. I built the Kuwait towers and one of the Giza Pyramids, both out of clay. I made these because these are both places I have been to and lived in the country that they are in. I built both of these by myself, but I looked at pictures so I didn't do them wrong. It took about 10 - 15 minutes (each) to make them. I made this on July 28, 2014. I took clay and started shaping them. For the Kuwait towers I made three pointed towers and took off the top part to add the spheres. The picture below is of the Kuwait towers and the Pyramid I made.

Day 2:

Today we got to use a new website called We used it to build 3D objects that we can then print and have it in 3D. We made a name tag and we made a chess piece. I made a knight. But, we had to change our piece so it was our own. I made a deadly zombie knight. I made this on July 29, 2014. I took about 30 minutes because I kept having to adjust the rib cages. I did get advise from some people. I also added my initials at the bottom.I also made mine grey to give it a bit more scarier theme to it.  The picture below is of the deadly zombie knight I built.

Day 3:

Today we were able to build buildings in Tinkercad. We had to choose from Fort McHenry, Basilica of Constantine, Vatican city, and the Pantheon. I chose Fort McHenry at first, but after trying to get the shape of Fort McHenry, I decided it was too hard. So, I started to do the Pantheon, and it was much easier. Some parts of the Pantheon were hard, but I figured the hard parts out. After finishing the Pantheon, I got to build another monument. So, I decided to build the Kuwait towers again, but this time in Tinkercad. The picture below is the Pantheon I built.

Day 4:

Today we came into camp and got started by looking at all of our chess pieces we made the day before. Since not all of the pieces printed well, if you wanted to reprint your piece, you could go back into tinkercad and change your design. I didn't want to so I went into tinkercad to edit my pantheon. I decided to make the dome part hollow. After doing that, I was allowed to free build in tinkercad. I made a moustache with a moustache with a moustache who doesn't have a moustache. Then we split into groups and started to build amusement parks. I worked with Dylan, Aidan and Candice. I had the water park part. The pictures below is of the hollow inside of the Pantheon and the water park part.

Day 6:

Today we had to pass our planning sheet to three other people to get signatures. After that, we made clay objects of your partners idea. I partnered up with Bridget. I made stage props and a camera because she was doing movie props. I was doing animals. Then, we went on Tinkercad to make our own objects. So far, I made a Bunny and a Pig. Then, we had a lesson of how to draw people by Izzo. The picture below is of the Bunny and Pig.

Day 7:

Today we got started on working on our project right away. The first thing I did was work on my cat. It was hard because I had to adjust the mouth so it looked like a cat mouth. Once I was done with that, I decided to work on another animal. I chose to work on a weasel. It was hard for me because the weasel's head isn't exactly round. So, I had to choose other objects to make the weasel head just right. I finally finished the weasel head and it was nice. When I finished I had a cat, a weasel, a pig, and a bunny. Then, I worked on a second series. I tried to do my house, but I didn't know what the back looked like. So, I decided to do my dream house instead. The picture below is of the dream house I started.

Day 8:

Today we came in and started right away again. Me and Peter teamed up to build a huge castle. We decided that I was going to do the furniture and people. He did the walls and doors. We got started and it took a while. I downloaded some things from thigiverse. We went on my Tinkercad account to do it. My bunny was printing and while we were working. When my bunny finished, I was very pleased. I think that me other animals will turn out that way too. At the end, I finished all the furniture, but not the people. I decided not to do people because that was too hard. The pictures below is of the furniture I did and the chairs.

Day 9:

Today we got started by making a tribute statue of/for Izzo because he left. I made a stage with a stand and a statue head with a little sign saying "Izzo". Then, We had to make super hero's. I named mine PokeHero. Part Butterfree and part Houndour. Then, We had to make a second series. But, since I already had a second series, I made a third series. I decided to go on minecraft to build a house. Then, I decided to build a town. Me and Peter worked on the town. We were going to decide the President too! The pictures below are of the House I started building, and Pokehero, and the tribute statue of/for Izzo.