Eyebrow Hair Loss Causes and Cures

Hair on the head followed by our eyebrows is amongst the most prominent features of our upper body. When we meet another human, it is the head that first comes into focus and also creates the first impression. Loss of either, i.e. hair over the head or eyebrows substantially alters our personality and the way people perceive us.

Eyebrow loss (Superciliary Madarosis) is a condition of total or partial loss of eyebrows. The term specifically refers to folks who completely or partially lose their eyebrows during their adulthood.

Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow loss can be natural, artificial or caused by disease and its treatment. As we get old, there is reduced grip on individual hair follicles. This leads to natural hair loss – be it hair on the head or face.

1. Fashion:

Artificial eyebrow loss occurs when the eyebrow hair is plucked to make it look more “presentable” or be in line with the individual’s concept of fashion. Use of artificial dyes, tints, eyebrow pencils, etc. can also contribute to thinning of the eyebrows and loss of eyebrow hair.

2. Diet:

A poor or unbalanced diet could also lead to eyebrow hair loss. Like all other parts of our body, our eyebrow hair too requires proper nutrients for growth and maintenance. A diet lacking in essential minerals, proteins and vitamins can cause major damage to hair on the head as well as eyebrow.

3. Disease and Free Hair Transplant Consultation:

Diseases such as cancer followed by its treatment by Chemotherapy can and will cause hair loss. Other diseases include Hypothyroidism (ineffective thyroid glands), Atopic Dermatitis (a form of eczema), Seborrhea, Alopecia Areata, Hansen’s disease (leprosy), Trauma, growth on eyebrows (Warts, Moles, Seborrheic Keratosis, Hemangiomas), fungal infection, Alopecia Mucinosis, etc.

Cures for Eyebrow Hair Loss

While there is no FDA approved way of treating eyebrows, there are lots of successful ways of treating eyebrow hair loss & Hair loss treatment san jose. Each method of treatment is deeply dependent on the cause of eyebrow hair loss.

For example, eyebrow hair loss cause by Alopecia areata can be successfully treated by Corticosteroids injections. Folks suffering from Atopic dermatitis, need to avoid skin irritants including skin care products and soaps. Cosmetics works for few individuals but for most, the results are less than satisfactory.

The most effective treatment for eyebrow hair loss is Hair loss experts San Jose. This involves using micro grafts in filling and reconstructing the hair in your eyebrows.

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