Caesar Conquers Gaul

By Jason Turney

An illustration of Julius Caesar

12/6/52 B.C. FRANCE- Recently, Gaius Julius Caesar, a Roman politician, conquered all of Gaul. Throughout battles between tribes, he finally conquered Gaul. All of these battles were done to gain land.

Caesar is well liked by most Romans for taking over many places such as Gaul. He was a strong military leader and a good ruler which made him a good Roman. Caesar started out from nothing and built his way up to being one of the most well liked rulers Rome has had so far.

Gaul is an area which was filled with various tribes before Caesar conquered it. Caesar led troops throughout Gaul, conquering all barbaric tribes out there. The tribes fates are still unknown.

One soldier said "The tribes seemed helpless. They only had stone tools," Another one said "Seeing the helpless tribes falling and us gaining land was fun."  

Romans plan to build cities in Gaul, but that is still undecided. All that is known for now is that Julius Caesar has secured Gaul.

Map of Rome

Julius Caesar Conquering Gaul

Gaul section starts at 8:40

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