The Plymouth Colony

Xavier Kuhn

The question that was asked was " How did the pilgrims avoid the problems that Jamestown faced?". "Winter was near (it was November) and food was running low. The Pilgrims had all heard stories of cannibalism in Jamestown and, for obvious reasons, were eager to avoid that situation". The pilgrims avoided the problems Jamestown had by bringing "with them seeds for planting in the springs, clothes, fishing nets, some tools and weapons for defense, (including a cannon). However, what they didn't bring was extra food or tents." The pilgrims had a hard time with their new colony, with no food and tents and all. However, "The Plymouth colonists survived that first winter like the Jamestown colonists had. A lack of food mixed with hard labor trying to construct a meeting house and a place to sleep in the middle of winter through snow and freezing rain led to sickness among the colonists. Disease claimed half of the Mayflower crew by 1621." This article was cited from "The Plymouth Colony".