Joshua Daugherty S&E Marketing Final

Movie Poster

This movie poster draws attention in the fact that Superman is the main image. This shocks people who follow this super hero because he's in hand cuffs and that just draws questions. And they decided to go with very small text so that the person focuses more on the picture. It doesn't give to much insight on what the movies about but Superman is hand cuffed and captured in the picture which just gives it a mysterious vibe and ultimately makes people want to see the movie just to figure out whats going on in this film.

Movie Trailer

This trailer does a great job with setting an eerie mood for the movie. To me this is the biggest and best aspect of this trailer, because no one expects a superhero movie to be dark but that's what this trailer hints at or at least makes it look like. They start with early clips with a narrative voice of the villain of the movie in the back ground. Then continue with the more suspenseful and important clips from the climax. They are putting most of the attention of this trailer on the idea of our planet being invaded by people from another planet, making it more eerie and dark then usual. They do show the main things of the plot line in it but if you haven't seen it you aren't going to know exactly what to expect and in the end that's going to make you want to see it more.

Upcoming Movie

300 was a great movie a couple years back about a great battle between the Greeks and the Persians. The Persians were huge and wanted as much land as possible so when the Persians went to take the Greek empire, they didn't go down without a fight. This second movie is around the time after the 300 army was killed by the Persians. Greek general Themistocles leads the charge against invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy. The cast of this movie had a Q and A event multiple times for fans to come in and just get the opportunity to ask them whatever they want about the movie.

Reaction To Movie

When it comes to artists signing with major record deals a lot of people wonder why they do it when in the end they usually always get screwed over. Well a big reason why they go through with it is because it is very hard to get internationally noticed by yourself. Major record deals get your name out over seas and that's a huge part with a lot of big bands success. And I believe that most if not all artists know how shady these record labels are, but in all truth they still need their help even though these labels will be taking most of their money. If I was 30 Seconds To Mars I most likely would have done everything that they did, I would have held my ground and kept strong through it. I might of maybe tried to sign with a new record label but other than that I was with everything they did.

Amusement Park

Well if I ran an amusement park one thing I would do is have week days be cheaper than weekends which I feel like is a usual. Another thing would be making the entry fee cheaper if you came at a later time just because you are getting less time in the park and it makes sense that you should pay less. Also I could incorporate a big image into the park, just like how Disney did a Harry Potter world I could do the same but with something else that is well known whether it be a book series or movies. I'd also put a big stage somewhere in my amusement park so I could have concerts every friday or something like that.

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