Martin Luther king Jr.

How much do you know about martin Luther King. Martin was a great leader, he was a courageous, and he was a thought man. Inspired by the belief that love and peaceful protest could eliminate social injustice, Martin Luther King, Jr., became one of the outstanding black leaders in the United States. He aroused whites and blacks alike to protest racial discrimination, poverty, and war. A champion of nonviolent resistance to oppression.

The civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., was a courageous man to fight for the civil rights of those who were treated unjustly by a racist society. Even though he knew that by doing so he could be assassinated. Martin was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He won his award be ending segregation. martin preached against war, poverty, and all forms of injustice and discrimination.

Martin Luther King was thoughtful man. In 1958 King became president of a group later known as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Formed to carry on civil-rights activities in the South. King inspired blacks throughout the South to hold peaceful sit-ins and freedom rides to protest segregation. In 1959, Mr. King went to India to visit the family who believed in the power of civil disobedience and nonviolence to effect societal change. "The beliefs greatly influenced martin".

Martin Luther King was great leader. Martin led the boy cott of the bus company. It lasted for more then a then a year in Montgomery. martin Luther King help end segregation. Martin inspired and planned the march on Washington D.C in 1968. The relationship of poverty to urban violence.

Martin Luther King fought for what he believed. He was a great leader and he was thoughtful man. the most important thing is that he is a courageous man. King never gave up on his dream, And he fought without violence. he was a great man. He was famous for his speeches (I have a dream).

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