Calcomm Capital Inc

Offers Short-Term Real Estate Loans in SoCal

About Calcomm Capital Inc

CalComm Capital Inc., a provider of commercial real estate loans funded by private investors, offers short-term lending solutions for borrowers that don’t qualify for bank loans. Private money bridge loans are structured to restore the borrower and property to institutional quality whenever possible. CalComm Capital, Inc. processes, underwrites, originates and services all of its private money loan and investment products in-house.

Interest rates are fixed for the entire loan term which is typically between one and five years. In most cases there are no prepayment penalties required. Payments can be interest only or amortizing.

Primarily a collateral based lender, CalComm Capital, Inc. secures income-producing real property based in CalComm Capital’s target market: urban and suburban areas of California. Acceptable types include multi-unit residential properties, commercial and industrial properties, retail, office and mixed-use buildings, as well as special purpose buildings. First and second trust deed financing is available.

When the borrower and property qualifies, CalComm Capital, Inc. also offers conventional commercial real estate loan placement.

The company is based in Irvine, California. For more information about its loan programs, products and services, please visit