Caleb Kramer

Manages Investment in Distressed European Companies

About Caleb Kramer

Working from London, UK, Caleb Kramer is a managing director and portfolio manager for the European branch of Los Angeles-based Oaktree Capital Management. He is responsible for securing a significant stake in the bonds of European companies unlikely to be able to meet their debt obligations. By utilizing a distress-to-equity strategy, he negotiates a restructuring of this debt, whereby Oaktree’s bond holdings are converted into a share of ownership in the business. Caleb Kramer’s accomplishments implementing this strategy include his management of Oaktree’s acquisition of a majority share in the equity of the large UK real estate agency, Countrywide.

Before taking a position with Oaktree, Kramer co-founded the investment firm Seneca Capital Partners, LLC. His previous work in the investment industry also includes positions with Archon Capital Partners, Dillon Read and Co. Inc., and Merrill Lynch and Co. Inc.

Additionally, since his appointment in 2008, Caleb Kramer has been a member of the board of directors of Campofrio Food Group, SA, a leading European processed meats producer. He serves the board as a member of the Committee on Strategy and Investment.

Oaktree Capital Management - Some Investment Principles

Finance executive, Caleb Kramer, has garnered substantial experience in the management of portfolios. A former mergers and acquisitions associate at Dillon, Read & Co., he went on to work at Archon Capital Partners and to co-found Seneca Capital Partners, LLC. Today, Caleb Kramer serves as managing director and portfolio manager at Oaktree Capital, having joined the firm in 2000.

Oaktree Capital’s investment philosophy rests on several pillars. Overall, the company is committed to carefully balancing reward with risk. As a consequence, it prioritizes risk control in the development of its investment strategies, and the achievement of consistent growth. According to the company, a quality advisor should be able to achieve portfolio gains in strong and weak markets alike. In addition, the firm holds that oscillating between good and bad investment years makes for an unacceptable overall performance.

Oaktree also puts emphasis on specialization. It sees this as one of the surest paths to high investment performance. The firm focuses each portfolio on a single area of investment. However, at the same time, it allows clients interested in more than one asset class to combine portfolios for greater diversification.

University of Virginia Department of Economics Undergraduate Program

A managing director at Oaktree Capital Management, LP, Caleb Kramer possesses a wealth of knowledge in alternative investments. Using his past investment experience as well as his economics education from the University of Virginia, Caleb Kramer provides the firm with guidance on asset allocation.

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