Rube Goldberg Machine (with My Partner  @biancatulley )

I chose Rube Goldberg.

I chose it because it was fun, and it is a great activity for me and my friend.

I want to learn more about how you could make physics work together like that, and the amount of effort needed for this.

I might actually want to make it a career, it would be pretty fun to do this for a living.


Made the plans :D


-String-tape/glue-2 bowls-small bucket and water ( now it is marbles!!!)-clips-paper-markers-pulley-scale (cardboard)-wood plank-pole-pulley-spoon-mousetrap-rubber bands-golf ball/small ball

My mom is much more willing to buy school and project stuff 4 me. And I have lots of useless stuff at home that will actually come in handy 4 once. Lets do this!!!!!!!!!! @biancatulley


Energy Types Used

*Kinetic Motion- Energy something posses due to it's motion.

-Scale- When the marbles roll into it, this harnesses energy tilts, and the ball rolls with kinetic energy.

-zip line- When the cup with marbles slides down, it is using kinetic energy.

*Mechanical - The amount of potential and kinetic energy combined.

-catapult - the rubber band would strain the potential energy, when it is released kinetic energy takes place.

*Potential- The energy used by a body by virtue of it's position relative to others.

-golf ball in bowl that will roll down onto the catapult

*Gravity - The pull of the Earth that pulls things downwards.

-opening poster- When the poster is opened, gravity pulls the bottom half down.

-downhill golf ball - gravity would pull the ball downwards.

-Zipline -  Gravity pulls the cup down.

Project Started!!!

Got Tackk app. I am ready on the go!!!

Got all the materials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We made the zipline cup, got cardboard ready, made scale base, got the bowls ready, and we have spare stuff in case anything breaks. We also tested how balls bounced, to see which ones we should use. We still need to make the catapult, probably tomorrow. We put out stuff away and marked areas with tape saying dinkley, and labeled a cupboard dinkley machine, so nobody thinks it is unused. We also need to make our call me dinkley poster...

Super hard!!!!! Does not even balance right!!!
Putting tacos on it!!!

Building a scale, with walls, part of a front wall, a full back wall, that balances properly is really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?

New catapult design yay!!!

fixed things, made marbles work instead of water. Still need to make a new catapult.

More Research? Yeah..............

1. How to make a catapult with spoons, instead of popsicle sticks.

2. How would the catapult be activated? (I have an idea though!!!!!!!)

3. How do we get the catapult to aim right?

4. How would be get the poster to open?

5. Is the golf ball to heavy?

Catapult improvements.

  1. Using spoons now!!! :D
  2. Might use balloons!!!!!
  3. Now using, wood!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. And more rubber bands.

Sign must be lower I guess.

Technical Stuff...

On the other hand, no balloons. Cardboard, spoons, and rubber bands and tape.

Well, the nuts and bolts of our project is basically cardboard, duct tape, plastic spoons, round objects, yarn, and bowls/cups.

To be more specific:

The zip line is made up of string and we use a paperclip and pulley as the object to enable travel for the plastic cup that holds up the marbles.

The scale is made of cardboard for the base and Styrofoam bowls for the weight piece. A yellow, Sponge Bob golf ball is in the side that will not be tipped down, to make it fall down and into the catapult.

The catapult is made up of a wooden board for the stable base and plastic spoons for the actual flinging piece with tape and rubber bands scattered and wrapped around it to keep it together and in place.

The poster and its trigger will be a piece of paper and a chip clip. The golf ball with hit the chip clip, causing the poster to open.

Everything is coming around. We should be finished soon. We are still having trouble giving the scale the correct weight though...........................


Working on the sign today.......  Also, after leaving the scale overnight, when it usually falls apart it stayed together.

  • Sign things needed
  • Chip clip
  • Rubber bands maybe?
  • Rope/string
  • Sign.

Also, We have put blueprints on the floor for where we put things :D..

Got the sign done, all we need to do is make the whole machine work. Today has been productive!!!!  And we did not use rubber bands.


All is done. Time for the whole entire thing!!!!!!!!!!! This will take forever though. I wonder if it will be easier now than it was? Only one way to find out. We have to fix the scale a tiny bit though. But that is okay. Added a weight to the sign, and know how it will work. Next time we will hopefully  put it together and make it work. I don't get why this could not work sooner though. I wish we could at least leave ours out because it is finished, and only needs a bit of testing.

We were supposed to say what needed fixed. We have done that like every other day. Making a testing bowl so we can test the cup with no mess for shure.

Took videos, they will be posted monday. We made a track for the marbles, added ramps, set everything up, and did 7 tries.

Tests in order.

We might not have a video, youtube is not working correctly, and we can not upload from google drive, even if it says we can. I am about to give up. I just hope we can get an A for effort.  Even worse, our sign was destroyed so we can not even work!!! Might as well sit and read. Because NOTHING IS WORKING! With 18 minutes left we can not even set up anyway.

Final Day

The sign is not printing, and this is our last day. I really wanted to have this finished, but it is not. Luckily, the grade does not count on in being finished, we just have to have worked hard. And we worked HARD. It has not worked so far because everything had false positioning, for the most part. Then the marbles needed something to guide them. I have a feeling the sign will not print, and it will not be finished. On the other hand, we should still get an A, because we worked hard, and we were very productive. In my opinion, at least.

The sign printed now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All done :D

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2 years ago

This is one of the more complex projects I've seen! Nice work girls!!

2 years ago

I like your project (Mom)

2 years ago

@michelebumbarger can you comment on @biancatulley 's rube goldberg tackk too?😉

2 years ago

I really hope to see an update on the finished product when you girls are all done!

2 years ago

@Sandy181 please comment on @biancatulley 's tackk.

2 years ago

Awesome job! I love all of the plans and all of the pictures! You should be very proud of all the hard work you have done!

2 years ago

It would be cool if you put a video up showing how everything works, and what you have. anyway nice project.