Unit 3 Culture; Patterns and Processes

By: Callie Clement


The groups that were in this activity were the Army and Wealthy, The United States, The Guerilla Squad, The Guatelmalan Government, and the Peasants and workers.  In this, all this students in the classroom were individually assigned a different group to join and to have the most MSU's or points by the end of the week. Then people would have a vote to see who will become the president.

Month 1:

All 5 groups were involved and the group who had the most power in the first month was the Army and Wealthy. They had 170 MSU's.  The balance in power didn't shift because all 5 of the groups were still getting used to all the rules and everything else so the groups didn't do anything with each other. There wasn't any conflict or anything happening that was happening in the game. The US didn't do anything with the simulation.

Month 2:

In this month, all 5 groups were involved and the group who had the most power this time in this month was Army and Wealthy again. They had 150 MSU's.  The balance of power shifted when 3 people from the Guerilla's were moved over to the Peasants and workers because since that the peasants votes are worth more, 2 per person, they wanted to have the most votes to win the election. More people in one group = more votes. There wasn't any conflict or cooperation between any groups so far into the month and game. The US still didn't do anything about the simulation.

Month 3:

In the last month of the game, all 5 groups were involved again and the group who had the most power or MSU's was Army and Military again. They had 160 MSU's at the end of the game. Not much power shifted except that the 3 Guerillas still stayed the peasants group until election came around. Conflict showed in the game when the first of the class started because everyone was trying to get people to vote for their president so that their group could win. Some yelling was involved and treaties were made but the group who made them, thought they were stupid and they ripped it and didn't make another one after they ripped it. The US was trying to make everyone of the groups to vote for them so that their president could win but in the end, the Guerilla's president won the election.

Power Shifts:

What happens to a country when power shifts is that one country could start going downhill in economy and other things like losing there trading stuff that they will need, people could start rioting and overthrowing people and or other things, the country could go into a civil war with another country. I think that the effect of this would be negative if this were to ever happen to the United States in real life. It would ruin the US and everything would start going downhill and everything would go into mass chaos.

My Life:

Nothing of this activity relates to anything in my life at the moment.

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