Phone Call Outs for April Upcoming Events

In order to ensure call outs are scheduled at the time right time and that parents are reminded and aware of our events that are taking place at Stehlik Intermediate, please send a previously written  script 3-5 days in advance, so we have time to get it translated and entered. Your original message will be copied and pasted.

If you have any April events please submit them to us now, so we can get them ready. Please email information to Ms. Richards and CC mr. Torres.

Front Office Copier

We will be getting a new copier sometime within the next couple months. If you have a copier code already please enter it in here so that the information can be transferred in when they come to install the New Copier. If  you don't already have a code and decide to fill it out I will have to get  Admin Approval. Please complete this by 4/6/15. Thanks in advance.