Calvin Boender

A Chicago Real Estate Professional

About Calvin Boender

A property developer operating out of Chicago, Illinois, Calvin Boender serves as founder of North Development, Ltd. The firm was founded in the late 1970s as the C&D Construction Company, which then focused on installing computer operation facilities. Eventually, the business changed its name and began to refocus its efforts on acquiring and rehabilitating properties in the inner city. Under Calvin Boender's management, North Development completed several Chicago residential projects, including Balmorals Court Townhomes, Clock Tower Lofts, and River Crossing.

Through North Development, Cal Boender's most recent activities have focused on diversification away from residential real estate. For example, the company has bought agricultural properties in addition to retail and parking holdings.

When not working, Cal Boender appreciates business and technical history and enjoys collecting old documents. A family man, he enjoys spending quality time with his son as they engage in the home brewing of beer and cider. A world traveler, he has visited several international cities, including Milan, Italy.

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