Cameron Chung - Social Media Manager

Cameron Chung is a part of a new age movement of professionals that are very skilled and conscientious about both the potential and already present power of social media. Social media today is as prolific as ever, and become a norm for both individuals and businesses alike, whether small or corporate, to build an online presence and fan base. Simply put, social media is here to stay, and a window into the future of our interactions for the next several years most likely. As a result of this, many companies are seeking young professionals that are adept at understanding social media, as well as marketing and business administration. Cameron is a recent graduate that holds three degrees in the business field, and has been utilizing social media for many years now, making him a perfect fit for what these companies were looking for.

Cameron Chung represents a unique population with a skill set fit for today's online world, and manages a businesses online face by giving the a voice and presence online. Cameron is a social media manager and blogger, who helps contribute content to a businesses website to not only give it a presence, but an idea, an image, something that has been done on television for many years, but has found difficulty translating into the online world.

Professionals like Cameron Chung are essential for online growth and presence because they bring to the table a set of knowledge and skills that are indispensable, and the results of their work are often experienced nearly instantaneously thanks to the fast paced digital world. Cameron says for a business to survive and thrive in this day and age, they simply need an online face to present to the masses, one that matches their businesses goals and services.

Cameron Chung

Cameron Chung - On Dedication

Cameron Chung is a professional in the business and sales consulting world that has continued to impress peers and supervisors alike with his strong work ethic and skill set. Cameron says that the result of much of his success comes from him being dedicated to growing in his field, being determined to do better than the next person. Cameron says that historically the people who succeed are not the most talented or intelligent, but the ones who dedicate the most to doing something, who sacrifice whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. Cameron learned this at a very young age, as his father told him that you should always put your best foot forward, and not be afraid to work hard for what you want. Cameron did just that, in every facet of life, resulting with him graduating from Florida State University with three separate degrees in only four short years. Cameron would graduate these four years with honors, even with such a heavy workload, demonstrating the level of excellence he is committed to on a daily basis. Cameron stresses that success is not an accident, or something that people luck into, but the result of all the hard work and sacrifice that goes on behind the scenes, and no one else gets to witness. Cameron says that if you are willing to dedicate yourself truly to something you desire, you will achieve it in a matter of time.

Cameron Chung says that everything that he possesses today is a result of him dedicating himself, whether personally or professionally, and that by following that simple formula he has built a career and a promising future, a future Cameron hopes to share with a family of his own someday, when the time is right.

Cameron Chung

Cameron Chung - Sports Enthusiast

Cameron Chung is a professional in the sales consultation and business industry who has experienced much success during his short time in the field. However, Cameron cannot be solely defined by his career, as he has many hobbies and interests than set him apart from many other salesman. One of these interest is the fast paced and highly competitive world of professional sports. Cameron has loved sports ever since he was a child watching games with his father. Cameron says sports have always interested him because they inspire people to improve, to do better than the next person and reach for that little extra. Cameron says that sports are so applicable to real life because if you show the same dedication professional athletes do to their job to your own life, you are bound to succeed in anything that you do. Cameron's sport enthusiasm has led to many interesting personal opportunities, both athletically and professionally. In high school, Cameron was named captain of his golf team, a result of his personal passion and dedication to the sport. Later this love would evolve into a career, as Cameron would become a Finance Intern for the American Junior Golf Association. Cameron says that working for the top competitive junior golf tour in the United States was an amazing opportunity to merge his love for golf with his love of business.

Cameron Chung loves sports for many reasons, and says that he has learned much about himself by simply watching games and players over the past several years. Cameron says one of the best places to get to know yourself is in a competitive arena like that of a sport, and it is there where you can truly find out your potential, and what you as a person are capable of.

Cameron Chung

The Art of the Interview

In order for journalists to conduct good interviews and end up with something that readers will find interesting, you have to have a good interview subject. That sounds obvious, about the same as saying two plus two equals four. But finding those subjects and asking the right questions isn’t always obvious or easy, and there is definitely an art to conducting a good interview.

Some interview subjects have a good story to tell, and others don’t. Every journalist has been faced with the interview that just isn’t working, and it’s up to him or her to draw the subject out. The smart journalist has done some preparation and has some hot questions to ask, centering on the subject’s background or current work, or where the subject hopes to be in five years.

Cameron Chung is an aspiring sports agent who has interviewed numerous people for, including Aaron Swerdlow, the Managing Director of Kauffman Sports Management Group. “If there was one thing about the sports industry you could change,” Chung asked Swerdlow, “what would that be, and why?”

“I think there should be a minimum education level required, and ethics rules to be certified to work with both players and coaches,” Swerdlow replied. He pointed out that NBA Player’s Association representatives must be certified. “There are no similar certifications or standards for coaching representation.” The industry’s ethics, and the value provided to clients, would be improved, he said.

Cameron Chung is also working as an account executive at a tech startup in New York. He is an honors graduate of Florida State University, where he triple majored in Finance, Marketing, and Professional Sales.

Cameron Chung

Cameron Chung selling digital

College is an exciting and nerve-racking time for a student. With so many opportunities presenting themselves, it can become a little overwhelming for a new student. It’s important to continue to maintain a certain discipline even though college is very different from high school and previous school years. There are some good habits that can be beneficial to a college student in order for them to be successful in their college career. Some habits include having a schedule, being organized and dividing up tasks are great ways to manage the study load. Other aspects that can help are more on a personal level such as controlling your feelings, associating yourself with the right people who maybe share the same work and study ethic as you and just establishing an overall goal and plan. With habits such as these, you can better prepare yourself for an easy college experience.

As a recent graduate, Cameron Chung understands the value of good habits in college. He is an emerging professional in the world of business sales and marketing. He has in his short career experienced a lot of things both positive and negative. One of his best achievements is graduating with honors and taking the knowledge he has gained through his formal college education to his current role as a sales professional. This means he is read a lot of books, shared a lot of information and receive a lot of information from the industry, and participated in a number of forums and professional communities throughout the country. He is known as an extremely competitive professional that is truly demanding of himself in every way possible. However, he is also a team player and can be counted on to share information and help others as well as ask for help and receive information when he needs it.

Cameron Chung - Good Habits of College Students

Cameron Chung is a young professional that is just emerging in the world of marketing sales and business. He has recently started to truly emerge based on his achievements at such an early stage of his career. His formula for success that he has built for himself is quite simple. He is intelligent, dedicated, and completely immersed in being an exceptional professional thus he models himself after the best and dedicates himself to learning every single aspect of the business.

Today’s business world is constantly evolving and increasing in pace. One of the biggest things that has emerged in this environment has been social media. He is a master of social media and knows that in this digital age having a solid message and bringing in people that are interested in that message is critical to the lifeblood of the business. Being a leader in terms of thoughts, in terms of product, in terms of concepts isn’t irreplaceable position of trust and authority.

Cameron Chung is well aware of not only social media but of the increasing amount of digital transactions and sales that are happening on the Internet each and every day. The convenience of buying things online is something that has a growing aspect to it and soon it won’t be long before nearly all transactions are truly digital. Just look at how movie rentals have been transformed from VHS tapes, to DVDs to streaming video. You can also take a look at Amazon which people are increasingly using to purchase more and more online as opposed to buying things in the store.

Cameron Chung

Cameron Chung is a young professional that has recently immersed in the world of sales and business. Although he has not been in the industry for very long, he has achieved a number of things that set him apart from the pack. He is a natural leader and this is best felt by his peers and supervisors in the fact that he is extremely dedicated and leads by example. He is always working behind the scenes to make things look easy, but that is only an impression.

He is actually doing the hard work to grasp all the details of customers and their situations as well as all the details of business dealings before anything else. Leading by example means a high amount of dedication and he puts in a lot of time to doing that. That is one of the aspects of a true leader. This was recognized way back when he was elected to be the captain of his high school golf team. His leadership was something that was natural and he was the perfect choice to take players to the next level and motivate them to play up to their potentials.

That is the exact same leadership quality that he offers in the professional world. He has an inspiring effect on colleagues, peers, and other professionals through his diligent execution and delivery. These values are something that any business and any manager desires to be on their team. In the world of sports it’s quite obvious, every team needs a captain. This is also the case in a professional environment and Cameron Chung is one of those leaders and a future captain of the bunch.

Cameron Chung - Helpful Sales Strategies

There are many ways to be effective in sales. It’s important to build on your natural abilities by honing in on helpful skills and strategies that will help you become successful in sales. Some helpful and effective strategies would be to identify the decision maker, learn how to overcome objections, try to be real and not sound like you’re pitching to them and really know your product and how it can help your potential clients.

Cameron Chung knows what strategies work for him in his current role as a Merchant Services Sales Associate. As a recent graduate with three different majors, he is always striving to be the best that he can possibly be in his short but exceptional career. He was also an exceptional student at Florida State University, achieving honor status each of those years. It is clear that he has a knack for education and seeking and acquiring all of the information that he desires to know. This is the exact same track that he is on in his professional career. Getting information and retaining information are two steps to utilizing that information and are part of his professional plan to say the least. He is always studying books, watching videos, reading certain community web pages in this industry. He is also highly connected on the Internet using social media, new sites, and different sites of all types that help them gain more knowledge at deeper and deeper levels at all times. It is even something that he does on his smartphone when convenient. He strives to do this not only on an informational basis but on a professional level that gives him all the information that he needs in every transaction and business dealing that he engages in. They say knowledge is power and Cameron Chung certainly believes that he is gaining more and more knowledge and that will translate to a better career and better value to the people that he works with, so he dedicates himself in that quest for knowledge each day.

Cameron Chung

  Multiple Majors - Super  Achieving

Is it over-achieving, or is it super-achieving? Or is it evidence that more and more students are finding multiple majors mandatory, in order to excel in a culture that is more competitive than ever before? Whatever the answer, it is a fact that more students than ever before are double and even triple majoring in college, and graduating with multiple degrees.

And that translates into an awful lot of work. Consider what it means to earn even one undergraduate degree: fulfilling the academic requirements in the department of the student’s declared major. Multiple majors means fulfilling the academic requirements in multiple college departments. Some academic advisors say multiple majors really aren’t worth it; that students are better off with more conventional majors and minors. But academic requirements vary from one school to the next, and at the end of the day, being able to complete a multiple major may depend on how hard a school is, and the determination of a particular student. Some are better equipped to handle a 22-hour workload, for example, where others can barely handle a 12-hour load.

Cameron Chung is an account executive and an aspiring entrepreneur who attended Florida State University. “I triple majored in Finance, Marketing and Professional Sales, and graduated with a 3.34 GPA in four years.” He says that he has always challenged himself intellectually, which is how he was able to complete all the course work for three majors within the traditional four-year timespan. He is also a sports enthusiast who contributes weekly posts to

Cameron Chung

The Growth of Sports Management Education

The sports industry has become a sprawling, multi-billion dollar behemoth, a broadly defined business that by some estimates is worth upwards of a hundred and fifty billion dollars annually. It’s a tough industry to break into, but at the same time there are more opportunities than ever before: sports marketing and sponsorship, sports media, and even sports at higher education institutions, all of them growing at rates of up to fifteen percent.

Consider sports management. Over the last three decades, according to some sources, there has been a significant growth in sports management education programs at many universities, with expansions in undergraduate and master’s-level programs, and even MBAs. One of the leaders in this has been the Center for Sports Administration at Ohio University, which over the last forty years has produced more than a thousand graduates who have gone on to careers in sports management, marketing, media, and other related fields. Another leading program is the Mark H. McCormack Department of Sports Management at the University of Massachusetts, known for the breadth and quality of its programs.

The entrées for most students aspiring to a profession in the sports industry are through an internship at one of the many agencies or organizations that are somehow connected to professional sports. Getting one is highly competitive, but a necessity for those who really want to break in.

Cameron Chung has been a contributing writer to since early January 2015. He contributes weekly posts to the site, and also manages the company’s Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. He triple majored in Finance, Marketing and Professional Sales at Florida State University, and his long-range plans include becoming a professional sports agent.

Cameron Chung

Let The Subject Talk

In today’s media-savvy world, it’s hard for journalists to ask real questions and get real answers. Interview subjects often seem to know exactly what they want to say, and experienced ones have a way of controlling an interview. Good journalists have to find a way of drawing their subjects out, if they want to craft pieces that are really meaningful.

There is more than one way to skin a cat and there is more than one way to conduct an interview. Some find it useful to start an interview with friendly questions, and just let their subjects talk. Once that is out of the way the journalist can really dig in with harder, more substantive questions. But that can’t happen unless the journalist does some homework and is fully prepared.

Cameron Chung is an aspiring sports agent, currently working as an account executive at a tech startup in New York. He is a 2014 honors graduate of Florida State University, where triple majored in Finance, Marketing and Professional Sales. He is also a contributor to, the leading resource for sports agency-related content. He has conducted numerous interviews that have been published on the site, such as his piece on NFL agent Tory Dandy.

“What advice do you have for young professionals looking to enter the athlete representation business?” Chung asked him. “My advice would be to do your research and make sure you understand as much as possible about the business before you get in,” Dandy replied. “I highly recommend trying to obtain an internship with an existing agency to get your foot in the door. If it is something you are truly passionate about then you can be successful.”

Cameron Chung